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   YEAR            JUDGE                                 NAME OF DOG

   1984           Mrs G Broadley                Sh Ch Grenowood Anky Panky

   1985           Mr T Spooner                  Ch Darelyn Rifleman

   1986           Mr K Hart                       Darelyn Orlando

   1987           Mrs P Beardsworth           Tangulls Samphire

   1988           Mrs R Furness                  Ch Hawthorn Ranger of Brenal

   1989           Mrs P Grayson                  Ch Hawthorn Ranger of Brenal

   1990           Mrs M Spooner                 Rivermist of Grenowood

   1991           Dr R Barbour                    Ch Hawthorn Ranger of Brenal

   1992           Mrs A Wynyard                 Darelyn Wizards Potion

   1993           Mrs V Foss                      Sh Ch Major Caranida

   1994           Mrs D Barney                   Sh Ch Darelyn Zodiac at Roydi

   1995           Mrs K Holmes                   Sh Ch Major Caranida

   1996           Mr N Waters                    Sh Ch Lizallwood Dangerous Lady

   1997           Mrs B Lukes                     Caballus Grand Slam

   1998           Mrs G Phillips                    Sh Ch Oneandall Brisons

   1999           Mr F Kane                        Sh Ch Cwmgilli Independent Image

   2000           Mrs M Gill                         Oakleigh Oberon at Kelsmere

   2001           Mr M Armstrong                 Sh Ch Gladrags Your My Man

   2002           Mrs M Bett                       Sh Ch Lenellie Designed In Black

   2003           Mrs S Brookes                   Lizallwood Wayward Lad

   2004           Mrs P Miller                       Sh Ch Gladrags Yachtsman

   2005           Mrs L Jones                      No award

   2006           Mr N Craddock                  Sh Ch Lenellie Black Kontender

   2007           Mr J Baldwin                    Sh Ch Lenellie Touch of Ebony at Grenowood

   2008           Mrs C Coode                     Sh Ch Lenellie Dressed In Black JW

   2009           Mr R Ellinor                       Sh Ch Kelsmere Kunara

2010 Mrs T Illukka        Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Springcurl Rigoletto JW Sh CM

  2011            Mr D Bett                         Springcurl Seren With Kilima JW

  2012            Mrs O Ormerod                  Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Malanis Ripple

  2013            Mrs P Hollings                    Sh Ch Gladrags Diamonds Forever JW

  2014           Mrs E Robinson                   Maycourt Tumbling Dice Sh CM

  2015           Mrs S Brookes                   Sh Ch Maycourt Chase The Ace

  2016           Mr H Phillips                     It Ch Tessmene Diamond In The Ruff


   1979           Mr K Hart                        Sh Ch Donnaliza of Darelyn

   1980           Mrs V Yates                    Sh Ch Samuel of Saxonholme

   1981           Mrs Dean                         Sh Ch Darelyn Andy

   1982           Mr Foster                         Sh Ch Roydina Camero

   1983           Mr Keenan                        Sh Ch Gladrags Grace

   1984           Mrs Robertshaw                 Grenowood Anky Panky

   1985           Mrs S Brookes                    Darelyn Rifleman

   1986           Mrs M Gill                          Ch Darelyn Rifleman

   1987           Mrs Phillips                        Gladrags Dynamite

   1988           Mrs D Barney                     Beechbrook Melody

   1989           Mr Stagg                          Sh Ch Hawthorn Ranger of Brenal

   1990           Mrs Stagg                         Sh Ch Littlewickers Nightingale

   1991           Mrs B Lukes                       Darelyn Wizards Potion

   1992           Mrs A Clarkson                   Lady Rocksavage of Shuvick

   1993           Mrs L Hull                          Gladrags Cavalier

   1994           Ms H Warrendorf                 Shuvick Beckstein

   1995           Mrs E Robinson                    Lizallwood Dangerous Lady

   1996           Mrs C Bloor                         Cobrizo Andante at Largymore

   1997           Mr J Baldwin                       Darelyn Elliott at Roydi

   1998           Mrs L Jones                        Cwmgilli Independent Image

   1999           Mr N Craddock                     Darelyn Glenlair Gypsy at Heathermead

   2000           Mrs O Ormerod                    Kelsmere Kaikoura

   2001           Mrs D Jones                        Gladrags Umphrey Esquire

   2002           Mr J Lennon                        Sh Ch Shuvick Coriolanus

   2003           Mr D Bett                           Lizallwood Wayward Lad

   2004           Mr A Robinson                     Lizallwood Wayward Lad

   2005           Mrs J Havell                        Gladrags Close Encounter

   2006           Ms N Parker                        Lenellie Touch of Ebony at Grenowood

   2007           Mr A Scott                         Pepperiever Star Anise

   2008           Mr E Marsden                      Sh Ch Cwmgilli Sian Bach at Kireton

   2009           Mrs J Walker                       Kagemusha Warriors Dreams

  2009 Winter  Mr A Jones                          Darelyn Master Kopy at Kelsmere

  2010            Mrs M A Jacques                  Maycourt Jumpin' Jack Flash Sh CM

 2010 Winter   Mrs A Murphy                       Curlabull King Arthur

 2011            Mrs G May                            Sh Ch Maycourt Jumpin' Jack Flash Sh CM

2011 Winter  Miss V Hayes                         Curlabull King Arthur JW Sh CM

2012           Mr K Chamberlain                     Gladrags Captain Morgan of Fleetpaw

2012 Winter Mr D Hutchison                       Ir Sh Ch Malanis Rocket

2013           Mrs G Toeters                        Curlabull King Arthur JW Sh CM

2013 Winter Mr M Jacques                         Springcurl Gold Strike

2014           Mr N Spraggins                       Sun Devil Samba In Bohemia

2014 Winter Miss J Stubbs                         Sh Ch Brightmeadow My Fair Lady

2015          Mrs S Perkins                          Maycourt Tumbling Dice Sh CM

2015 Winter Ms C Chattwood                     Maycourt Starman By Crookwood

2016           Miss H Cooper                        Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever

2016 Winter Mrs S Margerison                     Sh Ch Brightmeadow Just One Look Sh CM

2017          Mrs J Gill Davis                        Kelsmere Krystoff

Limit Show

   2005           Mrs C Turner/Mrs A Nicholls       Maycourt Lady Madonna Sh CM

   2006           Mrs M Hunter/Ms C Chattwood   Pepperiever Star Anise

   2007           Miss V Hayes/Mrs S Perkins       Kelsmere Kumera Fs St Ex

   2008           Mr N Spraggins/Miss K Riva       Maycourt Brown Sugar JW Sh CM


   2000          Miss D Courtier                       Ch Gladrags Keepmeinmind

   2001          Mrs M Thompson/Mr B Luckock  Cobrizo Valenciano

   2002          Mrs J Bannister/MrB Walters      Springcurl Speak My Mind

   2003          Mr D Short/Mrs A Copson          Wintervale Typhoon

   2004          No Competition

   2005          Mr A Scott                     Swe Ch Cornerstones Take A Chance On Me At Kelsmere

   2006          Mrs L Hunter                          Wintervale Typhoon

   2007          Mrs C Thornley                       Kelsmere Kumera FS St Ex

   2008          Mrs M Jacques                        Kelsmere Kumera FS St Ex Htm St P-Beg Ex

   2009          Mr T Stevens                         Sh Ch Pepperiever Nutmeg at Kireton JW

   2010          Miss T James                         Ir Sh Ch Springcurl Turandot

   2011          Mrs S Margerison                    NL Lux Nor Swe Int Ch Fanto-Heimen's Darwin

   2012          Mrs L Whales                         Haneslau Follow That Star

   2013          Mrs C Griffin-Woods                Kelsmere Kabbera of Pattonia

   2014          Mrs L Wild                            Sh Ch Curlabull King Arthur JW Sh CM

   2015          Mrs B Keepax                        Brightmeadow Jive Bunny

   2016           Ms Driscoll                           Brightmeadow Jive Bunny                     







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